City Gas is now
City Energy

Today, Singapore is moving to a future that is carbon-free and environmentally-friendly, and we are evolving to offer comprehensive, sustainable energy for green living.
About Us

Energy and lifestyle solutions powered by good energy

City Energy provides more than just energy solutions – we are expanding our lifestyle offers and low carbon energy services such as EV charging, to enable everyone to live a good and green life.
About Us

From piped town gas to electric vehicle (EV) charging; from lifestyle energy solutions to exploring new energy solutions – we are inspiring smart and earth-friendly ways of living and working every day.

Our Sustainability Agenda

We are all about good energy. We will lead the sustainable energy conversation and explore new, low-carbon, earth-friendly solutions to energise greener ways of living and working.

Energise your daily living with our low-carbon solutions for homes.

Energise your business with solutions tailored to your needs.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging services for smooth, earth-friendly rides.

Low-carbon solutions for smarter, greener living.