Gas Safety Tips

Before embarking on renovation works for your home or customer’s premises, please note the following:
  1. The turn on of piped town gas supply can only be carried out by City Energy or its appointed agents.

    Uniform of Authorised Personnel (Front)

    Uniform of Authorised Personnel (Back)

    Vehicle of Authorised Personnel

  2. Gas installation works such as the installation or alteration of gas pipes, and the installation, replacement or removal of gas appliances, shall only be carried out by City Energy or a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW). You can find the list of available LGSW from Energy Market Authority
  3. Any work on any premises which may affect the integrity of the gas installation must be carried out in strict compliance with Regulation 16 of the Gas (Supply) Regulations. Renovations work must not damage any exposed or concealed gas pipework. For condominium apartments, please obtain a layout plan from your estate management office to ascertain the location of any concealed gas pipes before any drilling or hacking of wall is carried out. Please click here to learn more. As an additional safety measure, you are advised to arrange with City Energy for a temporary termination of the gas supply before carrying out such works.
  4. For gas supply transfer from the previous occupant of the premises to your utility account, you are encouraged to engage City Energy or a LGSW for an inspection. This is to ensure that the gas installation within your premises is safe and that the previous occupant did not tamper or modify the gas installation without professional advice or services.
  5. In case of a gas incident such as a gas leak, suspected gas leak, gas fire or explosion, please call us immediately at our 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800 752 1800 from a safe distance.

More gas safety tips

  • Always purchase a gas hob/cooker with SAFETY Mark label.
  • Keep flammable liquids and combustible materials away from gas appliances.
  • Ensure there is no smell of gas before lighting the oven.
  • You should only engage City Energy or a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW) for any installation or alteration of gas pipes.
  • Turn off your gas meter control valve when you are not using gas appliances for a long period of time e.g. when you are away for a long holiday. To turn on your gas supply upon return, please contact City Energy at 1800 752 1800.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended.
  • Install gas appliances in well ventilated areas and maintain adequate ventilation.
  • Leave the oven door slightly open before using the oven grill.
  • Do ensure to maintain your gas appliances in good condition.
  • For enhanced gas safety, it is advisable to have your gas pipes and kitchen appliances checked by a License Gas Service Worker once every five years. To book your online appointment, visit

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In case of gas leak

Shut the gas valve at the meter.
Do not turn on or off any switches or appliances.
Open all windows and doors to ventilate the area.
Do not use a naked flame to detect a gas leak.

Call the 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800 752 1800 immediately from a safe distance.