Why Choose Piped Gas for Your Homes

Piped gas - the preferred choice for new homeowners

When it comes to gas supply for cooking and heating, here’s why piped gas is the preferred choice.

Continuous supply 24/7

Enjoy continuous gas supply without ever worrying about running out of gas in the middle of cooking or during electrical outages.

Better for environment

Piped gas is an environmentally friendly choice for cooking, showering and clothes drying.

Lighter than air, a safer choice

Piped gas is a low-pressure cooking and heating fuel used in domestic and non-domestic applications. It is two times lighter than air, allowing it to dissipate freely into the atmosphere.

Out of sight, peace of mind

Unlike an LPG gas tank, our built-in pipes that are used to transport piped gas can be easily concealed during home renovations, saving kitchen storage space.

Useful Guide for New Homeowners

For more information on different types of gas-powered lifestyle solutions and their benefits, home and kitchen safety as well as gas safety tips, please visit us at Life by City Energy or consult us at our Customer Service Hotline.

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