City Energy Takes Big Steps Towards Green Hydrogen for Singapore’s Future

30 March 2022

As the sole piped town gas provider to more than 870,000 homes and businesses islandwide, City Energy announces today that it is deepening feasibility studies on the application of green hydrogen in town gas production, for the renewable energy does not emit carbon dioxide during production or combustion.

To accomplish this, the leading energy provider has embarked on studies in partnership with industry counterparts to evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of the production, importation, and storage of green hydrogen into Singapore. This includes City Energy’s initial announcements on such industry collaborations in 2020, and most recently on 29 March 2022, City Energy’s involvement in NTU Singapore-led research and commercial development of technologies to extract hydrogen from liquid organic hydrogen carriers.

Through these studies, City Energy hopes to develop a long-term sustainable supply chain of green hydrogen for town gas production.

Energy for the Next Generation

Before it rebranded on 1 December 2021, City Energy was formerly known as City Gas. The 160-year-old company announced that it would augment its piped gas service with IoT solutions via Life by City Energy ( and electric vehicle charging services via Go by City Energy ( The pivot to these innovative green energy solutions will sharpen the competitive edge of its commercial and industrial customers, and help end customers adopt greener and smarter living.

City Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Perry Ong, says, “With more than 870,000 homes and businesses receiving piped gas, and foundations and generations of knowledge in gas, we view enormous potential in exploring the utilisation of green hydrogen and other low-carbon technologies to maintain our nation’s energy security, and support Singapore’s vision of being a world-class eco-city within this generation’s lifetime.”

In the production of town gas, City Energy is currently one of the largest carriers of hydrogen molecules as it produces grey hydrogen using the process of steam-methane reforming. During this process, natural gas is used as feedstock in hydrogen production, producing carbon dioxide as a by-product in the process. By substituting grey hydrogen with imported green hydrogen, City Energy will be able to reduce carbon emissions from town gas production while continuing to provide for a stable and safe supply of town gas for the nation.

Current Research

The two studies City Energy is conducting include:

  • Extracting hydrogen from Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC): Following a MOU in March 2020, City Energy, alongside a consortium of companies comprising Chiyoda Corporation, PSA International, Sembcorp Industries, Jurong Port, Singapore LNG Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation, will support Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) in its efforts to develop technologies for the extraction of hydrogen from liquid organic hydrogen carriers. The project, made possible by a grant awarded under the Low-Carbon Energy Research Funding Initiative (LCER FI), will have the potential to allow for more efficient and economical transport of hydrogen, which can in turn contribute to the expansion of global hydrogen supply chains.
  • Long-term, stable supply chain of sustainable Liquid Hydrogen (LH2): City Energy signed a MOU in December 2021 with Woodside Energy Ltd , Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd , Osaka Gas Singapore Pte Ltd. and City-OG Gas Energy Services Pte Ltd. to study the feasibility of developing a long-term, stable supply chain of sustainable LH2 from Western Australia into Singapore and potentially Japan. Hydrogen can be liquefied by cooling it to below -253°C. In its liquid state, LH2 occupies significantly less volume and can be stored and transported more easily.

The Path Forward

With a target to conclude the feasibility studies within this year, City Energy will then evaluate outcomes to determine the most technically and commercially suitable green hydrogen deployment option for Senoko Gasworks.

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