City Gas Rebrands to City Energy, Celebrates 160 Years

1 December 2021

Leverages generations of knowledge to provide innovative green energy solutions for a growing Singapore and changing planet

After 160 years of service as the national piped town gas provider, City Gas is rebranding as City Energy and transforming its piped gas business to provide innovative green energy solutions that meet the needs of a growing city and changing planet, now and into the future.

The name change and celebrations will start from today through to August 2022 with informative and engaging activities which look back at the company’s history, as well as look at some of City Energy’s plans into the future.

New brand architecture:

Throughout its rich history, the company has built a strong reputation for safety and reliability to become a trusted energy partner for the nation. Whilst looking back on significant milestones of what the company has achieved for Singapore since 1861 – from lighting the streets with gas lamps in 1864, to switching to pollution-free naphtha gas in 1966; from using natural gas as partial feedstock in town gas production for the first time in 2003, to embracing low-carbon solutions for homes and businesses today – the City Gas leadership understands the urgency for change.

City Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Perry Ong, says, “Changing our name to City Energy heralds, on our 160th anniversary, an exciting new era in our history, as we shift to being a leading energy provider with best-in-class quality service and a focus on innovative green technology and solutions. Today, as we energise homes and businesses with a safe, reliable and continuous stream of piped gas, we recognise our customers’ changing needs and our nation’s commitment to be a greener and more sustainable city. We are thus thrilled to begin a new chapter and transform to be Singapore’s leading sustainable energy company.”

With the new branding, City Energy, the company is now exploring the use of low-carbon energy solutions such as green hydrogen to strengthen its core energy offerings to underpin Singapore’s vision of achieving net-zero emissions beyond 2050. Green hydrogen is a promising zero-carbon fuel to be considered as part of town gas production as it does not emit carbon dioxide during production or combustion.

Mr. Perry Ong continues, “With foundations and generations of knowledge in gas, City Energy is well positioned to support Singapore’s drive to being a world-class eco-city within this generation’s lifetime. We believe that City Energy can be a positive force against climate change by exploring innovative new energies and technologies to support Singapore’s goals for a low-carbon city.”


City Energy Life

Today, City Energy supplies over 870,000 homes and businesses with piped gas and low-carbon solutions. As a commercial and industrial (C&I) partner, City Energy provides competitive and sophisticated end-to-end business solutions to businesses large and small – from property developers to hotels, places of interest to food factories, food courts, coffee shops, hawker stalls, and hospitals, nursing homes, laundries and more.

To further sharpen the competitive advantage of its C&I customers and promote sustainable living, City Energy continues to provide a range of low-carbon and smart living solutions through its new retail sub-brand, City Energy Life. From gas water heaters to gas dryers, the company is partnering premium brands to bring in new low-carbon solutions that are long-lasting and affordable, to create smarter and greener homes via Internet of Things (IoT) technology to empower homes and business owners. Consumers can find a wide range of IoT-enabled low-carbon kitchen solutions at City Energy Life retail store, conveniently located at Plaza Singapura.


City Energy Go

As Singapore’s vision is for all vehicles to run on electricity by 2040, City Energy will expand its portfolio of solutions beyond gas to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions through its sub-brand, City Energy Go, to augment its total value proposition to build a greener, more connected city.

City Energy Go will leverage the company’s years of relationships and energy expertise to build vital infrastructure in the private residential sector to support Singapore’s growth and evolution in this area. Due to officially launch in early 2022, City Energy Go will install charging points in private developments.


Good Energy for Our City

In its future outreach and activities, City Energy will continue to create a positive impact for the community. Recently City Energy, as City Gas, contributed over S$1 million in direct gas rebates to over 2600 hawkers from September to December 2021.

Upcoming campaigns around its 160th anniversary will focus on the company’s 160 years of innovation and heartwarming stories of the people who have been part of their journey.

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