Go Green and Enjoy Cost Savings with MKN HansDampf Gold Gas Combi Steamer Range

21 June 2013

City Gas has partnered with MKN, the German Kitchen Solutions manufacturer and Q’son Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd to launch the Gas Combi Steamer – HansDampf Gold series of Gas Combi Steamers in Singapore.

The user-friendly HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range joins City Gas’ wide selection of gas appliances for the kitchen. Combi steamers are usually powered by electricity but the HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range runs on gas which reduces carbon emissions significantly and improves business productivity while allowing impressive cost savings.

The HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range comes equipped with user-friendly features such as versatile capacity adjustments with the flexible racks and the WaveClean cleaning system. With the flexible racks, there are less limitations on the size of the food that can be cooked in the steamer while the WaveClean cleaning system makes cooking a whole lot easier with a convenient cleaning mechanism in place.

It is also easy to go green with the HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range’s energy saving, reliable and hygienic triple-glazed cooking chamber door. Its RackControl multi timer function also saves precious time and energy as five cooking processes can be monitored simultaneously in one oven instead of one process at any one time.

Depending on different preferences, the HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range has two functional operating modes, the FlexiCombi Manual and the autoChef. The steamer range also comes in three different sizes to suit the individual needs of your business operations. The clean sleek designs of the steamers are suitable for catering or central kitchens, restaurants, hotels, fast food eateries and bakeries.

The HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range runs on town gas with a connected load ranging from 11kW to 36kW. Like all City Gas’ gas appliances, safety is a main priority. Safety features include a 1X16A protection for all steamers.

The HansDampf Gold Combi Steamer Range comes in a few models with either 6, 10 or 20 trays to serve the different needs of the operators.